Underwater Mortgages Down 70% From the Housing Crisis

Report: Nearly 70 percent of LV homeowners underwater on mortgage Steve Marcus / File photo A new report shows 69.5 percent of homeowners in Las Vegas are underwater on their mortgages.

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Daren Blomquist, senior vice president at the real-estate data firm attom Data, has frequently spoken about this lesson learned from the crisis. If the housing market turns down again, he told.

It is remarkable to consider that the government’s 95% share of the mortgage market in 2008 has turned out to be the low-water mark of the past five years. Rather than a temporary phenomenon in the.

“Property values go down. Crime and vandalism go up. A 2012 study by the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development found that 82,175 mortgages were underwater, a sign that the.

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But for that very reason, the now-familiar story of how Fannie and Freddie helped to cause the housing crisis is also wrong. The spike in mortgage default volumes in 2007 and 2008 was not a result of resets in mortgage payments, but was instead a function of the collapse in house values, which serve as the collateral for mortgage loans.

If you get a negative result, your mortgage is underwater. As in the example above, say your total mortgage debt is $510,000. Based on your own research and after speaking to several real estate agents, you determine the likely market value of your home is $475,000. Take $475,000 and subtract $510,000.

Policy still exists today that requires mortgage delinquency first before any help on lower payments for underwater homeowners is considered. There are still 6.7 million underwater homeowners "staying put" awaiting equity to return and who are paying their mortgage on time.

70. 13,771. 15,005. 56,378. Source: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Office of Thrift. restructuring of certain underwater mortgages “to enable homeowners to. some or all of the down payment needed to qualify for a mortgage.

Best and worst cities for underwater mortgages a decade after the housing crisis. Best, worst cities for struggling homeowners. The city is 1.9% underwater, down from a peak of 22.7%. It’s no.

Harris, 38, stopped paying her mortgage. of homeowners are underwater in Atlanta, Phoenix, Orlando, Florida, and Riverside, California, according to Seattle-based Zillow’s second-quarter.